Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monterey High art teacher Cat Melone

has been chosen by the California Art Education Association to receive the Exemplary Program Award for 2012. The California Art Education Association recognizes people and programs within their membership who contribute to the teaching of visual arts in an exemplary way.

Here's a video Ms. Melone made for the school's video catalog, explaining requirements for her class, but most importantly, displaying some of her students artwork. Pretty impressive. Check it out!

And congratulatios, Ms. Melone!

Update: I spoke with Ms. Melone Monday, and here's my mini-interview with her:

Melone first began teaching at Monterey High in 2005, so this is her 8th year at the school – including the first one as a temporary teacher. She told me she tried to connect with the community and be as environmentally friendly as possible in her work.
“We make sketchbooks out of old binders, old pairs of jeans,” she said. “I’m always learning new things from other teachers, always looking for professional development in and outside of the art field.”

Does she get discouraged, in this era of budget cuts, that arts don’t seem to be as appreciated as other subjects?

“It’s hard to run an arts program with zero budgeting, we get everything donated. It’s discouraging but this is the reality, we’re not going to let that push us down. I’m always reaching out to the community for donations, we recycle for them, we have a great community. And our staff is incredibly generous.”

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