Monday, September 17, 2012

A culture of high expectations

In the education beat you often hear the word "expectations." You frequently hear educators claim it's all about expectations: if you hold students to high standards, they'll rise to the challenge and show you what they're capable of.

Given other realities such as poverty -- a child who comes to school hungry is going to have a hard time concentrating, and learning -- I've been always skeptical about the concept. How are expectations alone going to help improve children's education?

Well, this morning I heard a report that definitely got me thinking. NPR journalist Alix Spiegel interviews a Harvard professor who's been doing long-term research on the topic. Check it out!

The report made me think of Seaside Principal Mary White. The entire MPUSD community's been raving about Dr. White and the miracle she's performed at the previously troubled school. Whenever you speak with Dr. White, she'll tell you the secret: expectations. And a lot of work.

Sounds like Dr. White's onto something.

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  1. I agree with you. Dr. White leads by example. She holds herself and her staff to the highest levesl of honesty, integrity and hard work. We need a superintendent leading MPUSD in the same direction and sadly, we don't have one.