Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Career Day 2014 -- I had a blast

I participated in two career days last week: at El Camino Real Academy in Greenfield, and at Walter Colton Middle School in Monterey.

It was great. Although students at El Camino Real appeared a bit shy, I was able to convince my guide for the day -- the fabulous Maria Dominguez -- that journalism is a good career. And I even convinced her to do a selfie!

I was also impressed by the Peer Leaders program at the school. The youngsters help with taking their itty-bitty peers to class as their parents drop the off -- to avoid parking nightmares -- and in several other school functions. They guided me and other career day guests to our classrooms, and they seem to be all around great kids.

The 6th graders at Ms. Adrienne Lara's class wanted a selfie, and I had to oblige. How did you guys know I love selfies?

No selfies for me at Walter Colton Middle School, although students played being a reporter and did some amazing videos. Overall, the experience of participating in Career Day was fun, but going to two in the same week is a lot. And I'd been asked to three! Next year I'll only attend one, so ask early!

And thanks for inviting me!

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