Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stevenson students grow, harvest, and barter their own foods

Stevenson School hosted a Harvest Festival and Farmers’ Market this week at its Carmel Campus to celebrate the arrival of fall. Students harvested vegetables and herbs from the school’s organic garden and then prepared breads, salsas and homemade treats to share with their friends and families. Instead of using money, students traded seeds, sticks and leaves for treats and crafts.

“By harvesting their own food and sharing it with our community, the kids are learning about sustainability and the many benefits of using locally sourced, fresh foods, “ said Molly Bozzo, head of the Carmel Campus. “The garden is also used an important educational tool throughout the year, and across all grades.”

From planting the seeds to nurturing the plants as they grow to turning the soil after the harvest, students care for and maintain the school’s garden. Under the instruction of the school’s garden coordinator, the garden is incorporated into the curriculum and is often used in science experiments and nature observations.

The school plans to create a cookbook, Goodies from the Garden, from the recipes created and shared from this week’s festival.

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