Friday, December 12, 2014

Pacific Grove Unified rethinks idea of merging elementary schools

Last month I reported about a proposal at Pacific Grove Unified to merge its two elementary schools and make one K-2 and the other 3-5.

It's an idea that had been floated before and went nowhere. Officials were hoping to give it plenty of time for community discussion before actually bringing it to a vote.

But the resistance was still there, and this time, there was not even a formal discussion about it. Adminstrators pulled it off the agenda before the meeting took place. Here's an explanation of what happened directly from Superintendent Ralph Porras.

"We met with the teachers from both elementary schools regarding the reasons and timing of reconfiguration. This was important because they are the educational experts and are responsible for delivery of curriculum and instruction, which are both at the heart of the reconfiguration model. It was clearly communicated that the time and conditions were not right for this significant change. Community members from both elementary schools also communicated this same sentiment the District and Board. The Board accepted this message and pulled that discussion from the agenda. Our schools are providing excellent service to students and families, and are continuing to address the challenges presented by progressive educational reform. We will continue to support that effort in ways that best suit all stakeholders."

So there you have it. Robert Down and Forest Grove will remain as the are for the considerable future.

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