Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Salinas City Elementary wants input for superintendent search

Education Leadership Services of  Oakdale returns to Monterey County to conduct a superintendent search. This time, they're tasked with finding the next superintendent of the Salinas City Elementary School District.

The last time Education Leadership Services was in town they conducted the search for the MPUSD superintendent that ended with the selection of Alain Guevara in April 2013. Guevara, as some of you may recall, was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit and ended up withdrawing his name from the search.

Trustees with the Salinas City Elementary School District have selected John Cruz of Education Leadership Services to conduct the search for a new superintendent. They'll be paid $23,500, and they were the second to highest firm of the five the board considered.

Trustees want to to determine the specific traits, skills, abilities, and experience desired in the new superintendent as the first step of the selection process. They are inviting members of the staff and community to meet with Cruz on March 19, March 20, or March 21 to offer what they consider to be the criteria desired in the new superintendent.

Appointments can be made by calling Lydia Miranda at 784-2201.

Community members can also submit their input via Internet. A survey is available on the district's webpage here. Printed copies are available at the district's office, 840 S. Main St. Salinas. 

Deadline to submit the survey is March 19, 2015.

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