Monday, April 6, 2015

Local lawyers host fundraiser for Tom Torlakson

If you have a cool $100 to spare, and you're dying to meet California Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson, this fundraiser is for you.

Lombardo and Giles -- the high powered land use attorneys that are reputedly expanding their expertise into education law -- will host the "Agriculture & Hospitality Industry Fundraiser" for Torlakson on April 16 at Corral de Tierra Country Club.

The event will also feature a special recognition for Margaret D'Arrigo-Martin for doing both the agricultural industry and school children a favor by increasing the number of salad bars in local schools.

Torlakson just got re-elected in 2014 in a very competitive race. If he's starting fundraising so early it must mean that: he's running again (this one from the duh! files) and that he's expecting another strong challenger.

And if you feel generous, you could support the supt at different financial levels. Call Holly Davis at 754.2444 ext 333 or email to find out how.

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