Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Salinas Valley Dream Academy premieres on the big screen

A documentary about the Dream Academy, a leadership program for Salinas Valley high school students, will be screened on Wednesday, July 22 at 6:45 at the Maya Cinema. Admission is free. The students and community will be reliving and celebrating the growth and journey the Dream Academy students experienced last year.

About 100 youth make up the Salinas Valley Dream Academy, most of whom live in east Salinas. The central mission of the Dream Academy is to inspire, engage, and empower high school students to become leaders. This is done through numerous community service activities, community impact projects, a speaker's series and the fundraising that students do to take a year-end educational trip to the east coast. Throughout the last several years, the Dream Academy students have been able to witness both of President Barack Obama's inaugurations, visit with United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta inside the Pentagon, experience a first-class tour of Columbia University and NYU (New York University), and at the end of this past school year, students were able to experience a briefing at the White House and another briefing at the United Nations.

This is an important experience for the students and they need your support. Hope you can join them!

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