Monday, May 9, 2016

Monterey High teacher Aristotle Constant wants your support

There could be fireworks -- or at the very least, lively public comments -- during Tuesday's regular board meeting of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, as supporters of English Teacher Aristotle Constant  promise to show up to support him.

Constant, an 18-year-veteran of Monterey High, was told last week he's being "'involuntarily transferred" to another school. Constant did what many in his position would do in a similar position: reach out to the community.

Last week, a Facebook page appeared announcing Constant's impending transfer. You can access it here. It's asking community members to call or email the superintendent and board members to prevent Constant be sent to another school.

Constance's die could be cast as the district issued a terse response that points out to the teacher's contract.

"All personnel are employees of the district and not of one particular school or department. The Superintendent and/or Executive Director of Human Resources is authorized to reassign and transfer all personnel provided the affected employees remain in their areas of certification and occupational competence. Employees shall not be reassigned or transferred outside the scope of their certificates-and/or major and minor areas of study without their written consent and appropriate action by the Board of Education."

Stay tuned. 

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