Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Constitution Project recognizes 12 Monterey County Students

Twelve Monterey County students representing Los Arboles Middle School, Main Street Middle School, and Washington Middle School were recognized on Monday, March 4, for their participation in the inaugural Monterey County United States Constitution Project.

The project was convened by the Monterey County Constitution Project Committee to enrich the lives of Monterey County eight graders with the great achievements of the Constitution that frames the United States. The primary goals of the project include curriculum development, materials and demonstration lessons. The efforts also deepened students’ understanding of the constitution through persuasive writing and debate.

In this initial year, this three middle schools piloted the project. The eight grade U.S. History teachers implemented the curriculum, activities and U.S. Constitution writing competition. Students were challenged to express their ideas through various U.S. Constitution writing and speaking projects, including short persuasive essays, spoken word poetry, and small group and individual debates. For their final test, the students had to write a persuasive essay to express the impact the U.S. Constitution had on our country and on their lives personally.

The top essay winner from each school has been awarded a scholarship for a trip to Washington, D.C. Students have the opportunity to visit the nation’s Capitol and Philadelphia to witness the documents, buildings and monuments that have shaped our history with their own eyes. They will also walk in the same steps as James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and the framers of the U.S. Constitution.

The winners are:

Los Arboles Middle School, Marina.

Lauren E. Dimaggio
Michael Howard Dronet, Jr.
May A. Khalil
Sebastian Soria

Main Street Middle School, Soledad

Omar Gallegos
Eric Martin
Cassandra Esteban
Maribel Ramirez

Washington Middle School, Salinas

Jason Haejoon Jung
Alexa Eusebia Villalobos
Enrique Vazquez
Corrina D. Lee

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