Thursday, April 28, 2011

MPUSD administrators and trustees

have a PR mess on their hands.

The Monterey Unified district community continues to rumble with the salary increases approved for administrators last week, and it will be interesting to see how they play out in November's election: Board President Diane Creasey, and trustee Debra Gramespacher are up for reelection. (Also for re-election is the seat now occupied by Richard Glenn, who was just appointed but abstained from voting on the salary increase.)

Already, Monterey High teachers sent a letter to the Monterey County Weekly asking trustees to resign in the wake of the vote. Claims of intimidation are becoming increasingly louder, and some teachers -- usually reluctant to complain -- are speaking out. Like in this letter from La Mesa Teacher Patti Gibler-Tai, who "is mad as hell, but still taking it."

Still a long ways until November, but somehow, I don't see this issue going away. It's been almost two weeks, and the anger is still in the air. Besides, it's not new: it's been a while people at MPUSD have been complaining, but now there's a more tangible issue, something workers can really hang on to.

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