Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Riverside County administrator coming to MPUSD?

Well, so far, my trusted friend Scuttlebut has not been able to confirm it, but he has it on good sources that MPUSD trustees have settled on a Riverside administrator to become the next superintendent.

Scuttlebutt is terribly upset too, because he believes said administrator was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Of course, people can be named in lawsuits all the time and mean nothing, but media reports about said incidents are not flattering at all.

And Scuttlebutt knows how terribly upset MPUSD peeps get when they find something questionable about their superintendent. That, of course, is making him furious.

Ah, Scuttlebutt. When will you get sources who'll talk to me on the record??????

1 comment:

  1. Will they be showing videos of colonoscopies at MPUSD board meetings? I do hope so. I have always believed that the quality of education here was somehow tied in to bowel evacuation.