Friday, April 19, 2013

Alain Guevara coming to MPUSD

Barring any unforseen circusmtance, Alain Guevara is coming to MPUSD.

My blog is off the charts. My phone's ringing off the hook. Scuttlebutt is mad as hell.

I need more than Scuttlebutt. I need real people, real names.

Please, if you have anything to say about this -- and are willing to see your name in print -- call me. 753-6755. Email me: Post something on my blog (with your name on it).

Let's give Scuttlebutt a rest for now.


  1. I am a math teacher at Monterey High school and the district is on the verge of making a huge mistake.

    Dan Albert and Mary White are two well-known commodities with proven track records, either one of which would be extraordinary Superintendents.

    I have worked with Mr. Albert for my entire teaching career (12+ years) and he is an agressive, forward-looking leader with great fiscal acumen who would be an outstanding leader for the district.

    And what can I say about Mary White? She is quite simply a miracle-worker. The transformation at Seaside High defies belief. I dare anyone to visit Seaside High and talk with the teachers and students about the incredible changes that have occurred there and not come away thinking "this is the person we need to lead this district forward".

    Mike Cook
    Math Department Chair
    Monterey High School

  2. Thanks for these words Mike.
    Carol Weesner