Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Carmel's Jane Margaret Brunson heading to UCLA with $10,000 scholarship

Jane Margaret Brunson of Carmel is heading to UC Los Angeles in September with a scholarship from Jewish Guild Healthcare. She is one of 16 legally blind, college-bound high school seniors throughout the United States to receive scholarships of $10,000 each from the Guild for this upcoming academic year.

The GuildScholar Program was launched in 2005 and awards each student a scholarship to help assure that more students with vision impairments are able to enroll in a college or university that might otherwise be out of their reach financially. While there are other scholarships available for such students, this is the largest program of its kind in the country. It was created, in part, through a generous grant from the Jeannette A. Klarenmeyer Trust. As many as 16 students are selected for scholarships each academic year. For information on the GuildScholar Program’s scholarships for the 2014 academic year, contact Gordon Rovins at 212-769-7801 or e-mail guildscholar@guildhealth.org.

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