Monday, September 16, 2013

Math troubles brewing at MPUSD

At a recent meeting of the board of trustees of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, top leader Ruben Zepeda proposed making changes in the required math courses for high school seniors to graduate.

Well, the proposal did not sit well with some folks. Already, a Math teacher sent a letter to trustees, saying there's not need for the changes being proposed and accusing Zepeda of lying. The letter writing also suggests no changes be made until a new superintendent is on board.

"Here we go again.  Another unnecessary drama within MPUSD," the teacher writes (whose name was edited from the letter I received).

Well, the drama is up and running. Accusations are flying, trustees are taking sides, you name it. It deserves a full-fledged story, as time allows.

A few good questions to ask. Is this really a race issue, as the letter writer claims? Or is it an issue of higher expectations for everyone? What are neighboring school districts require? And what will the Common Core require once it's in place?

Something to chew on as I find a way to tackle this thorny topic. Stay tuned. 

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