Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy birthday, Boys & Girls Club Salinas Clubhouse

 The Salinas clubhouse of the Boys & Girls Club of Monterey County celebrated its 10th anniversary Thursday with a star-studded breakfast.

There they were, politicians and donors, admiring the fabulous voice of Carlota Ciandro, a club member who sang God Bless America. And the story of Erik Zamora, a former club member who now works for the Boys & Girls Club in the accounting department and is a real state investor.

The club is just full of success stories.

There was the urgent plea from Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin, who encouraged people to get involved with Salinas youth to help curb gang violence.

Then there was Donna Ferraro, proud mama of Carlotta, Erik, and thousands more, promising more help to 30,000 children in Monterey County who need after-school type of services, if folks dig deep and contribute to the worthy cause.

So dig deep.

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