Thursday, February 20, 2014

Local Control Accountability Plan meeting in Salinas

The Salinas City Elementary School District is holding a meeting from 12:30 to 3 p.m. Saturday at Hartnell College to discuss its "Local Control Accountability Plan."

The purpose is to ensure parent and community participation in deciding how resources will be allocated to meet student needs and achievement goals. Eight essential areas must be addressed in the creation and development of the district’s plan.

As I've previously reported, California has changed the way it funds education. Now, schools get a "base grant" for the student population, and extra monies based on the percentage of special populations the district educates.

The special populations are English learners, low-income students, and children in foster care. The more students are in each category, the more money the district will get. 

Local Control Accountability Plan establishes achievement goals, specific actions and strategies that the district will use to meet the goals of all students and each subgroup.

The Local Control Funding Formula has eight priority areas that every district will be required to address, expanding beyond test scores to include areas such as pupil achievement, student engagement, positive learning environments, academic content, performance standards, and parent involvement.

LCFF gives school leaders and parents more control over spending. LCFF will offer stakeholder, parents, and community members the opportunity to share their thoughts on how to best improve academic achievement and prepare students for college and careers. Under the new law, they will work together to create achievement plans and budgets to meet the unique needs of students in their communities.

Saturday's even is a way for Salinas City to reach out to the larger community before drafting their big plan. It'll be great to see a lot of participation.

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