Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nifty web page tells you how much districts will get with new funding formula

Fresh off the press: the folks at EdSource have just published a nifty page that explains everything you need to know about the Local Control Funding Formula. The LCFF is designed to give more money to schools that educate low income, English learners, and children in foster care.

(As an aside, I know editors hate acronyms, and I don't really like them either. But school wonks live by them, so I feel an obligation to repeat them so at least the common folk know what's being talked about. I feel for you, parents out there)

This page also has a tool for you to find out how much your district will get under the LFCC. What's best, you can put districts side by side so you can compare them.

Since we locals like to compare MPUSD with Carmel, I decided to try them first.

MPUSD is supposed to be getting $7,028 this year per student. Under LCFF, funding is supposed to increase every year, until the new formula is completed. By then, MPUSD will get $11,412. MPUSD's percent population of needy children is 77 percent.

Carmel's needy population is pegged at 17 percent, and is receiving $17,196 per child under current rules. Since its needy population is not significant, the funding will not change.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

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