Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MPUSD superintendent search still ongoing

Trustees with the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District decided that fifth time was a charm, and will not continue meeting until May 23, when they'll likely hear reports from a trip somebody is likely to take to visit another superintendent candidate.

I realize I'm sprinkling the word "likely" liberally in this salad of ideas. Sorry. With MPUSD, you never know for sure.

On the idea of the trip, I'm purely speculating. When I asked Board President Jon Hill if they're going to visit another site, he said "No Comment." Mmmm. Let's see. On May 9, trustees announced they'd continue meeting Monday and consider "all candidates." Hill said he could not comment on exactly what that meant (the initial 27? the seven semi-finalists? the three finalists?). They'll meet again on May 23 -- after a week and a half, enough time to take another exploratory trip. Maybe this weekend?

Hill said the reason for the shroud of secrecy is the promise of confidentiality made to candidates. "It could be pretty embarrassing" if a candidate was announced and she didn't get selected, Hill said. "Quite honestly, we been spot on."

Frankly, it is amazing that the name of the first finalist has not leaked out. Which could mean either that power players who know about it are satisfied enough they refused to make a fuzz, or...  Nah. I'll keep that one to myself. 

There has to be something positive about the way the process is going, or I would have heard complaints by now. The fact that I haven't probably means something's working. Or maybe it won't work, and people will complain after the fact. We'll see.

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