Thursday, May 1, 2014

Robotics teams make the Monterey Bay proud

The competition in St. Louis came and went, and the boys and girls from York, Seaside, and Carmel robotics teams did great.

As you probably remember from my earlier reporting, the three robotics teams earned the right to advance to the final competition in St. Louis, Missouri. They left last week, competed, and had time to tour around (judging by the photos posted by Tom Clifford, Carmel's coach extraordinaire. You can look at his blog here.)

Katy Castagna, York's mom extraordinaire, accompanied her son and all the teams through their adventure. She reports that the Seaside Bay Bots had the best record, with six wins and four losses. York's Deus Ex Machina and Carmel's Rocking Bots both had four wins and six losses.

"We should be very proud to have three local teams compete among 400 of the best from all over the world," Katy wrote.

Indeed, we are.

(Photos courtesy of Tom Clifford and Katy Castagna)

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