Monday, October 20, 2014

Everett Alvarez High FFA students attend agricultural leadership conference

Twenty-eight 9th grade agriculture students from the Everett Alvarez High School FFA chapter attended in the the annual FFA Greenhand Leadership Conference in Paso Robles earlier this month.

The conference is designed to assist students with career information and with help designing a personal plan that will help them reach their career objectives.

“I had a terrific time”, said Freshmen Everett Alvarez FFA member Enrique Munoz, “I learned a lot about the opportunities that the FFA has to offer in providing us skills to succeed at school and towards a career.”

The FFA establishes various levels or “degrees” during one’s FFA experience in high school. The “Greenhand” degree is the first level a student can obtain as a first-year high school agriculture student/FFA member. The FFA provides more extensive leadership conferences for sophomores, juniors, and seniors based on the level and degree earned by each student. The Everett Alvarez FFA will be recognizing over 200 students for their FFA Greenhand and Chapter Farmer (2nd year members) degrees in December.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to meet students from other schools”, said EAHS 9th grader Rebecca Wells. "The  event was a lot of fun and I learned a little more about what I might want to do in life.”

Participants at this year’s Greenhand Leadership Conference included: Sabrina Avilia, Nathaniel Conner, Guillermo Dorado, Rebecca Gonzalez, Esmerelda Huerta, David Juarez, Amanda Linsey, Enrique Munoz, Juan Perez, John Ramirez, Yesenia Ramirez, Haley Ramirez, Aiden Reyes, Adileiny Suarez,Samantha Tiscareno, Rosario Zepeda, Monica Gonzalez, Angel Hernandez, Rebecca Wells, William Acuna, Omar Montejano, Andrew Person, Juan Baltazar, Victor Guerrero, Nelly Perez, Rogelio Peinado, Jamie Quezada, and Ricardo Yniguez.

FFA members at Alvarez have been busy this month. Its officers also attended a leadership conference in Hollister a couple of weeks ago. The officers attending the conference included Julissa Marroquin, Javier Garcia, Marisol Lopez, Anthony Ortiz, Edgar Becerra, and Rodrigo Ramirez.

Thanks Nathaniel Conner, Everett Alvarez FFA Greenhand Reporter, for giving us the scoop. And thanks to Travis Wyrick, FFA advisor, for letting us know about your travels.

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