Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Sea Sweepers team of the Highway 68 ROV Club is gearing up for an international competition in Canada after being named “All Around Champion” in the annual Marine Advanced Technology Competition held on May 9 in Aptos.

The team, comprised for JP O’Dell, Tyler Allen, Michael Georgariou and Kyle Nishimoto from Salinas High School; John Yeager and Kaden Agha from York School; and Douglas Jackson from Palma High School; was formed in 2010, and three of the members have been part of it since then.

Since the club was established by Kurt Yeager it has achieved first place overall in all three classes the regional MarineAdvanced Technology Education (MATE) ROVcompetition offers.

The international contest takes place June 25-27 in Newfoundland. Go Sweepers!

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