Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Carmel's Grace Wang takes first place for Monterey County's Spelling Bee.

Grace Wang of Carmel River School took first place during the Lyceum’s Spelling Bee on Saturday. She outlasted 61 other finalists representing 31 schools from throughout the Monterey County as she aced words such as carbohydrate, habitual, disguise, immortalize and hesitance.

Placing second was Emma Pugh of Tularcitos School in Carmel Valley. She correctly spelled such words as superficial, rebellious, discrimination suspended and interjection.

Close behind were the third and fourth place finishers, Nikos Douros from Carmel River School, and Samuel Low of Mission Park School. Nikos spelled diploma, disrupting, trajectory, grievous, illuminate and itinerary, while Samuel correctly spelled philosopher, preliminary, quarrelsome, speculate and exhaustion.

About 350 parents, teachers, principals, a superintendent (one of the spelling words), great-grandparents, grandparents and siblings provided enthusiastic support for these spelling aces, said Tom Nelson, the Lyceum's executive director.

L to R: Grace Wang, Emma Pugh, Nikos Douros, Samuel Low

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