Friday, March 25, 2016

History Day winners go on to statewide competition

Over 130 middle school students from all around Monterey County participated in the 26th annual History Day.

In preparation for the competition, held March 12 at Los Arboles Middle School, students engaged in extensive research of primary sources in order to present papers, posters, exhibits, performances, documentaries, and websites based on the theme “Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History”. Students researched the impact, influence, and change that these events have had (or will have) on society, culture, and the course of human events.

The winners of the county competition will proceed to the California State History Day competition, which will take place May 5-7 in Rocklin, Calif.

County winners
Junior Individual Website:
Courtney Hand, “Exploring the Sewing Machine’s Impact on Women’s Work and the Clothing Industry.”
Broden Murray, “Exploring the Transistor’s Impact Upon Modern Computing.”

Junior Group Website:
Rose Akcan and Julia Alessio, “Exploring Pompeii: A City Rediscovered.”
Marshall Boen, Dante Garderet, and Viraj Shankar, “Exploring How the World Wars Affected Aviation.”

Junior Individual Documentary:
J.T. Byrne, “Exchanging Baseball Diamonds for Sandlots during World War II.”
Kate Popky, “Exploring the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

Junior Group Documentary:
Misa Franknedy, Suheil Ibrahim, Courtney Bishop, Kyle Bend, and Dale Sanchez, “Morris Frank and Buddy: How Guide Dogs Changed the World.”
Andrea Villa Cardenas, Joshua Berndt, Fletcher Gaucher, and Robert Flores, “The Gun That Won the West.”

Junior Group Performance:
Oakley Pelton and Angela Guevarra, “Adventures of Lewis Carroll.”
Nathan Bguyen, Mariana Gaytan Salgado, Kelly Lucha, and Kaylee Lucha, “Mozart: Exploring the Story Behind the Notes.”

Senior Group Performance:
Gabriella Flanders and Tara Smith, “From England to Salt Lake City: Exploring our Mormon Roots.”

Junior Historical Paper:
Heidi Hansch, “The City of Light: Baron Haussmann.”
Nina Harmer, “Revolutionizing Parenting: Dr. Benjamin Spock.”

Junior Individual Exhibits:
Mariah Trinity, “Exploring Radio: An Encounter with Better Communication.”
Graziella Cosentino, “Julia Morgan: Encountering Prejudice as the First Woman Architect in California.”

Junior Group Exhibits:
Riley Mann, Cameron Hill, Elijah Quenga, Sophia Boureston, and Isaiah Fuentes, “One Word… Plastics.”
Angela Zhang and Fei Wu, “Women’s Suffrage: Exploring Freedom for Women.”

Congratulations, winners! Have fun in Rocklin!

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