Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soren Diaz, education advocate

I was a little surprised to see the name of Soren Diaz, an attorney with Lombardo and Giles, LLP, listed as an "education advocate" among the invited speakers at the Assembly Subcommittee on School Financial Takeovers that will take place in King City Friday. As some of my readers know, the King City High School District was taken over by the state in 2009 when it looked it wasn't going to be able to pay its bills, appointed a state trustee, and life hasn't been the same ever since in the bucolic town.

But back to Mr. Diaz. I've been covering education in Monterey County for three years and I've never seen him at any school related event, so maybe I'm not as plugged in as I though. Plus, his name is listed with about a dozen people I've spoken to or at least heard about.

Also, education is not Mr. Diaz's expertise. Among his areas of practice, listed in L&G website, are "construction defect litigation, contract litigation, insurance litigation, product liability, real estate litigation."

I'm so curious. I hope Mr. Soren replies to my email soon to find out what I've been missing.

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