Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monterey volleyball players to raise breast cancer awareness

Monterey High Girls Volleyball will charge an extra dollar at their game on Oct. 25 to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. It's their "DigPink" night, the official name for fundraisers that benefit the Side-Out Foundation for medical research.

Many of the volleyball team members have a family member or a close friend touched by breast cancer, said Michelle Hazlett, volleyball mom extraordinaire.

"Last year, one of our Team Moms from Boys Volleyball, Debbie Hodgson, passed only two weeks prior to the DigPink which is what motivated the girls to start their annual DigPink," Michelle wrote in an email. "This year, we have another mom battling, but chooses to keep it private as many often do. We have a player whose great aunt is a survivor, which of course always gives hope. We have asked the girls to all announce who they will be playing for this year, and none will have trouble coming up with a name. It definitely makes your heart rip out; this game’s dedication wasn’t started because of a bunch of adults thought the kids should do this, it started because the girls found this was something they could do to help, when often they feel like they can’t."

 Admission to the Oct. 25 game is $6 for adults, $4 for seniors and youths. Junior Varsity starts at 5pm, and Varsity at 6:30pm. At Monterey High School Randal Gym, 101 Hermann, behind the Football field.

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  1. Looking forward to attending the games on the 25th. Our MHS Volleyball players are strong, dedicated young women and it's a privilege to know them.