Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MPC and the meaning of "shared governance"

I'll confess. "Shared governance" is a concept I hear often, but I'm never quite sure what it means. Or what college administrators mean by it.

So I decided to be a good reporter and I looked it up. And found this excellent article about the topic on The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Worth noting: "'Shared' governance has come to connote two complementary and sometimes overlapping concepts: giving various groups of people a share in key decision-making processes, often through elected representation; and allowing certain groups to exercise primary responsibility for specific areas of decision making."


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  1. Admittedly from different disciple and the webmaster for www.sharedgovernance.org, the concept remains consistent across many professions and environments. You can read my overview at http://bit.ly/a4lyCT

    Robert Hess, RN, PhD, FAAN
    Founder, Forum for Shared Governance