Thursday, November 29, 2012

MPC's Walter Tribley 3.5 year contract approved

Monterey Peninsula College trustees unanimously approved a 3.5 year contract for incoming president Walter Tribley. He's scheduled to begin service Dec. 17.

His annual salary will be $205,000, minus a 2 percent wage concession for 2012-13, for a total of $200,859. He'll receive similar health and other benefits as other administrators, a $625 monthly expense allowance and $625 monthly car allowance.

Tribley will be earning considerably less than his predecessor, who was hired at $215,000 in 2008 and has earned a 5 percent increase every year minus wage concessions like all the rest of the staff.

Willard Lewellyn, hired to lead Hartnell College in the summer, has a yearly salary of $225,000 plus benefits, a $450 monthly allowance for use of his personal car for college businesses and $5,000 for moving expenses.

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