Monday, November 5, 2012

San Antonio students go for Romney

Today students at San Antonio School in south county received a civics lesson by 8th graders with the older pupils guiding their younger peers in the importance of voting.
 After watching videos of the presidential candidates, listening to presentations on the issues, and discussing what they all meant, the students voted and here's the results:

Presidential Vote
Obama - 78  (48 percent)
Romney - 85 (52 percent)

Prop 30 - Tax Increase
No - 106  (65 percent)
Yes - 56 (35 percent)

Prop 37 - Food Labeling
No - 77  (52 percent)
Yes - 72  (48 percent)

Given current polls, it doesn't seem likely the students will be predictors, at least not on the propositions. Maybe in the presidential election? Who knows. The important issue here is that the little ones are being schooled in the importance of voting. So they'll urge their parents to cast their ballots tomorrow, if they haven't done so.

Happy election day, everyone! I can hardly wait. 

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