Monday, December 24, 2012

MPC's Doug Garrison nominated for a statewide award

If you read the profile I wrote about Doug Garrison, who just retired from leading the Monterey Peninsula College for six years, you'll notice no mention about his nomination for the 2013 Harry Buttimer award.

My bad. There was just so much material I had to leave out a lot. But this tid bid is important.

The award, given by the Association of California Community College Administrators, will be given in February and it honors those who excel in their administrative duties.

"Over the years this award has come to represent the highest level of excellence in administration," writes Susan Bray, executive director of the association, in a letter notifying Garrison of the recognition. "'Integrity, principle, compassion, strength in leadership, contributions to colleagues and the profession, contributions to the college and the community…' are some of the criteria that each of our outstanding nominees have possessed, and the same qualities that were outlined and detailed extensively in the many letters of nomination we’ve now received on your behalf."
 Congratulations, Dr. Garrison. Your nomination speaks to the many qualities widely attributed to your leadership.

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