Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Palma student, former CASA foster child donates hundreds of stuffed animals

 Former CASA foster child Ryan Moses knows what is like to grow up under difficult circumstances.
At six he found out his parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol and a week after his seventh birthday his father was in jail and his mother had abandoned him. In and out of foster homes and back with his father before another stint in jail Ryan almost gave up hope.

By the end of sixth grade, he went from one foster home to another, until his CASA representative said, enough.

“After staying at the group home for a year the place was going to be shut down and I was going to be moved to yet another home,”  Ryan told Celeste White of White Page Communications. “Luckily my CASA sponsor caught wind of that and said this has to stop, he doesn't deserve this anymore; he deserves a better life. So, she told my social worker that she would take me in and be my guardian. I knew that God was the one that did this. I would pray and pray that I could just go back home, but God had better plans for me. He wanted me to live a better life than what I have been living.”

Ryan, 15, now in his sophomore year at Palma School in Salinas, and still living with the Walkers, has decided to give back to the organization that helped him when he was in need. With the help of ‘The Know That You Matter Club’ of Palma, he collected more than 500 stuffed animals to be donated to children sponsored by CASA, children just like him.

“We are very proud of Ryan and the rest of the members of  here at Palma.” said Brother Patrick Dunne, president of Palma School “We have an obligation to be there for these children. That’s why we do what we do.”

There's a huge need for children in the foster care system to get court appointed advocates, people who can advocate on their behalf. Voices for Children, formerly known as CASA, provides free training and support for caring adults who want to help these children.

Their next information session will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 2 at Starbucks Del Rey Oaks, 441 Canyon Del Rey Boulevard Del Rey Oaks. For more information about Voices for Children, click here.

* This story and photos come to us via Celeste White of White Page Communications

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