Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Greenfield Union also looking for a new superintendent

Greenfield students performed remarkably well under Trevor McDonald, and trustees want to capitalize in past years' gains with another good superintendent.

I've covered education long enough to know leadership makes a HUGE difference. And leadership not only comes from the superintendent: it also comes from trustees, principals, and teachers themselves.

"We are so proud of our students, teachers, and staff for what we have been able to collectively accomplish over the past few years, but we have much more to accomplish in the years to come,"  Greenfield Union Board President Art Salvagno said in a statement. “Having already generated so much positive momentum, I am confident we will receive interest from a number of strong candidates.”

District officials began advertising the position regionally earlier this month. Deadline to apply is November 8. The district’s Board of Trustees (which could be very different after the Nov. 5 election) anticipates interviewing a select number of candidates in January 2014 and announcing their final selection soon thereafter.

Ah, so many stories to cover in a 7.5 hour day....

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