Thursday, October 10, 2013

The ghost of Marilyn Shepherd still roams

A gentle reader alerted me to a document produced by former MPUSD Superintendent Marilyn Shepherd dated June 2013. It's a review of the special education department of the Oakland Unified School District. You can find it here.

The reader fumes: how come she didn't do that for MPUSD?

Another reader retorts: how long was Shepherd employed at Oakland? While she was at MPUSD?

To be sure, I contacted the Oakland Unified District and I received this document. Shepherd appears to have been hired to produce the special education report in April. As you probably remember, she begun her leave of absence in January. 

What's more interesting to me, is that the agency who hired her, Strategies for Success, had many contracts with MPUSD up until the time Shepherd left.  Kathryn Catania, I'm told, was very good friends with Shepherd.

I find all of this fascinating. Stay tuned.

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