Friday, November 1, 2013

Debbie Aguilar needs help

Debbie Aguilar is the face of comfort in Salinas. After losing her son Stephen to gang violence more than a decade ago, Debbie took on a crusade to try to stop young Latino males from killing one another.

She's a frequent speaker in schools, she organizes vigils, and lobbies legislators to get funds to combat violence.

Debbie's usually the first supporter when a young man gets killed in Salinas. She's there to embrace family members and offer support through her group "A Time for Grieving."

Now, Debbie desperately needs some comfort of her own.

In the span of two weeks, Debbie's lost her mother and her husband. Her mother Carmen died about two weeks ago, and her husband Oscar Sergio Clam Aguilar  died just this week. Debbie now has to deal not just with the impact to her family but the financial burden two funerals are taking on her.

She's not being shy about needing help. There will be a car wash/bake sale starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday at 44 John St. in Salinas.

She's also taking donations on Rabobank account 501954746.

Debbie's helped a lot of people throughout the years, and now that she support, hopefully a lot will step up to comfort her.

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