Thursday, November 7, 2013

MAOS Mom extraordinaire chimes in controversy

Joanna Greenshields, reader extraordinaire and another keen observer of MPUSD, added her two cents in the ongoing dialogue the district's having about the future of MAOS. You can find it here.

But because she addresses a very important point that could be missed in the conversation (something that I've already alluded to in previous posts) I'll highlight it here. It revolves around the issue of people coming forward with credible information when they want me to write a story.

This is an excerpt from Ms. Greenshields' comments:

One of the difficulties for Ms Melendez has been getting accurate information on the underlying story of why MAOS would be seeking autonomy from the current administration.

People with accurate knowledge and an understanding of the complexities currently facing MAOS and MPUSD,  are either unable or unwilling to have an open, honest dialog with her about how we got to the point of charter exploration.

And there you have it. I'm asked all the time: do a story about this or that. Half of the time I'm chasing my tail because I'm trying to get information and people won't talk to me. Mr. Jensen writes to me: don't write until you get all the answers. Well, I'm not getting any answers, but hopefully, if I write what happens at a board meeting -- all on the record, thank goodness -- something else can pop up.

So, if you have a story for me, you know where to find me. I'm waiting patiently.

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