Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The biggest takeaway from the MPUSD election

MPUSD trustees, this message's for you.

And it's a message that I was going to send later in the month, as you come closer to select a new superintendent -- but I reserve the right to re-send the message later in the year ;)

The community has spoken. And the community really wants a leader they know and trust.

Isn't that what teachers and other people have been telling you for years?

So Mr. Tim Chaney ran a good, hard campaign, but he's a newcomer to the community. To his credit, he's very close to winning a seat on the board, and perhaps we won't know until Friday whether he actually makes it. 

And here's Carole Dawson, a respected community leader who's voluntereed for several organization over the more than two decades she's lived among us.

She practically didn't lift a finger for the campaign, and she's close to nabbing that seat.

If you count the votes cast for Richard Gold, who has lived in the community also for over two decades, you can tell Monterey residents decidedly voted for trust.

It's not just the election that's making me write this. It's what's happening in your district, from MAOS on down.

You need a leader who can be trusted. And trust does not just blow in from the bay like the summer fog. It's built over time, it's earned.

And unfortunately, given the current circumstances, it can easily be shattered. Think about that.

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