Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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Hartnell Community College officials are celebrating today the 95th anniversary of the college.

On August 18, 1920, the Salinas Junior College opened its doors as California’s 13th junior college serving 28 students, according to the local newspaper, The Battery. Salinas High School principal E.L. Van Dellen was the main promoter, Hartnell College officials said in a statement.

“The junior college is no longer an experiment; it has been successfully conducted in many communities in California and other states and is part of a nationwide movement to give an equal opportunity for education to all the children of all the people," The Salinas Daily Index said.

In 1948, the school was renamed Hartnell College to honor William Edward Hartnell, who is credited with bringing the first educational institution to California in 1834, El Colegio de Hartnell (which translates Hartnell’s School). It became Hartnell Community College District in 1949.

“For 95 years, Hartnell College has been actively engaged in ensuring that students have the opportunity and support to fulfill their dreams. During this time, the college has gone through various chapters and over the years many stories have unfolded,” said Boar
d President Erica Padilla-Chávez. “From the student who wanted to take a PE class to the student who returned to complete their AA degree in their 7th decade of life, Hartnell has been here to support one and all, and it will continue to do so.”

 A community celebration is being planned. For  a visual history of Hartnell, click here.

The Salinas Junior College, Circa 1920

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