Thursday, August 6, 2015

Friday is the last day to file for the upcoming school election

And there's already some interesting surprises. For instance, not one but three people are running against Janet Barnes in the Salinas City Elementary School District. I suspected Barnes would face at least one opponent, but three? 

Former Hartnell Trustee David Serena is coming back for seconds. He's filed for the Trustee Area 4 seat, now occupied by Elia Gonzalez-Castro. Now word yet if Gonzalez-Castro plans to run, in which I would suspect it would be a very nasty contest given the past history between them.

And if Gonzalez-Castro decides to seat out, then the balance of the board would change to have four males and three females -- who have voted along gender lines in some specially tough decisions. It would make for an interesting dynamic.

We'll see what other surprises the Aug. 7 deadline brings. Stay tuned.

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