Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gonzales students shine at MESA competition

The Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Schools Program at CSU Fresno held its annual regional competition the weekend of April 9, and Gonzales MESA students did great. Here's how they fared (by competition)

Medal winners: 

 Egg Drop 9th-10th Grade
1st Place - Eduardo Hernandez & Alfredo Valdez
3rd Place - Anahi Soto & Priscilla Flores

Egg Drop 11th-12th Grade
2nd Place - Palmera Ochoa & Maria Duran

Mousetrap Car Power - 9th-10th Grade
3rd place - Ivan Lopez

Balsawood Bridges Strength to Weight - 11th-12th Grade
2nd Place - Richard Martinez & Vicente Rios (848 lbs.)

Design ribbons:

Mousetrap Car Design - 9th-10th Grade
3rd place - Ivan Lopez

Balsawood Bridges Design - 11th-12th Grade
1st Place - Richard Martinez & Vicente Rios

Since its founding at UC Berkeley in 1970, MESA has encouraged students—especially those from underserved populations—to learn about math, engineering, and science in new and exciting ways. MESA has a tradition of preparing students to go to four-year colleges and universities. Many MESA alumni go on to graduate with math and science-based degrees and go into professions in these fields.

Students had a great time at the regional competition, science teacher Max Feldman said. His students have been participating in MESA competitions for a number of years, and they always get a lot out of them, he said.

Congratulations, boys and girls! A life of science awaits you!

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