Thursday, April 21, 2016

Teacher educator rock star comes to Monterey County

In Monterey County education circles, Kate Kinsella is like a rock star. I’ve been hearing great things about her and I got to see her firstand on Thursday, when she made a pro-bono presentation to local educators at Hartnell College.

The topic of her conversation was Long-Term English learners, a term used for students who don’t “reclassify” as English proficient after certain number of years in the school system. Forty percent of students who attend Monterey County schools are English learners, so getting students to reclassify as proficient is a huge issue.

Kinsella has been hired by several districts to train teachers on her methods, so she’ll be around more often in the months to come. That means I’ll have more chances to see her in action. Stay tuned.

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