Thursday, February 14, 2013

MPUSD teachers: here's a novel idea

After writing about the plight of Monterey Peninsula Unified School teachers -- a situation that's very likely being replicated across California-- an alert reader from Soledad called me with this idea:

Teachers should just quit working and go on Medicare. After all, a huge chunk of their paycheck is going into health care costs, why even bother?

The caller added that prison guards get a lot better benefits and all they education they need for the job is a high school diploma. Why should a person study so hard for so many years if s/he will be so poorly remunerated?

This reader also voted for Prop. 30-- the first time he's voted for a tax increase in a long time -- to boost spending for education, and when he sees this type of stories, it makes him reconsider his support.

I think my reader is onto something here. For sure, tapping into the deep reasons why people are so angry at MPUSD, and at the system in general.

And I also believe this is a good opportunity to reconsider not just pay for the next superintendent -- more on that in the days to come -- but also compensation for teachers. I think some serious action is needed.

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