Friday, February 1, 2013

Why Marilyn Shepherd really left

Reader: Can you do a true story of why the superintendent is leaving? Dig up some facts or rumors

Me: Do you have some information that you'd like to share? Something that you could give me off the record and could be corroborated elsewhere? 

Reader: there are  lots of suspicions of why she really left

Me:  Yes, I know of those. So far, I haven't received any concrete evidence, and that's why I asked. I was hoping you'd have reliable information. 


Trust me, I'd love nothing more than writing THE definite story, THE irrefutable truth of why Supt. Marilyn Shepherd is  leaving the district. I'd love to find the smoking gun, the fingerprint in the dagger, insert your metaphor here. And I've looked, I've poked around, I've asked  usual suspect and  unsuspecting bystanders and so far nada.

What that means to me is either a) there's nothing to report, or b) those who really have something to say, and proof of it, are not saying it.

Either way, I can't do stories based on speculation. 

So if you have something to tell me that's worth reporting, please let me know. I'd love to report it, if for nothing else so we can finally put this issue to rest.

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