Monday, January 27, 2014

COSCA group completes brochure for MPUSD superintendent search

Take a look. It didn't take long for the COSCA group to come up with the "brochure" they'll use to recruit a new superintendent for the Monterey Peninsula Unifed School District. Here it is. It's scheduled to be approved at Tuesday's regular board meeting.

Although Patrick Sayne from the COSCA group told me the district would have no problem recruiting a top administrator, I hear privately the consultants were saying otherwise. The district's reputation is not stellar, and it's going to take a good compensation package to lure anyone to the job. Plus, the district's problems are such it's going to take someone with experience cleaning up messes to really take on the job.

Either that or the consultants are massaging public opinion for the big salary that will need to be paid for the next supt.

Stay tuned. 

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