Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meredith Ibarra receives recall papers

 Juan Sandoval, the Alisal employee who's trying to recall Salinas City Councilman José Castañeda, has served recall papers for Alisal Union School District board member Meredith Ibarra.

And he has papers ready to serve Castañeda a third time for another recall effort, he said Friday. 

 Sandoval served Ibarra with recall papers at the Alisal board meeting Wednesday evening. He was sure to have people on hand to record the event.

 Sandoval will need to take several steps before the recall can proceed. His second attempt to recall Castañeda fizzled earlier this month when Salinas City Clerk found he did not have enough valid signatures to proceed.

" I have not been able to serve him, but I have the signatures ready," Sandoval told me about his paperwork against Castañeda.

Sandoval said he'll be able to handle two recall petitions at the same time, and that he does not want to wait for Ibarra to serve out her full term.

"As a parent, I'm concerned for my daughter. (Ibarra) keeps being disruptive, she does not understand what it means to be a board member. It's all a political game for her."

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