Thursday, April 10, 2014

History Day Winners move on to State Wide Competition

Monterey County History Day was held for at Los Arboles Middle School on Saturday March 8 from 9 am to 5 pm.

The theme for this year was Rights and Responsibilities, and dozens of Monterey County students completed exhibits, websites, documentaries and composed research papers on the topic. The following are the winners who will go on the represent Monterey County at the state finals in Riverside on April 26-27.

Junior Individual Website:
Isidoro Cosentino: Inalienable Rights Lost: Italian-American Relocation
James Gonzales: The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949

Junior group Website:
Alex Brody & Noah Silverstein: Jews in the Holocaust
Jordan Banon, Gabrielle Arreola & Marianne Tuazon: Emilio Aguinaldo: The Phillipines Independence

Junior Historical Paper
Tara Mann: Watch What you Breathe- A Fictional Letter from a Concerned Mother to the EPA
Katherine Hewitt I.D.E.A: Protecting Children with Disabilities in Education

Junior Individual Documentary
Kyle Worcester-Moore: Rights and Responisibilites in Outer Space
Molly Mancina: The Rights and Responsibilites of Photographers: The History of Photo Manipulation

Junior Group Documentary
Rohan Bhushan & Christopher How: The Salt March
Talia Awerbuck & Annika Uemura Japanese-American Internment: Tragedy of the West Coast

Junior Individual Exhibit
Natalie Lobo: The Fight for Black Voting Rights
Sophia Davies: The Rights and Responsibilities of Smoking and Anti-Smokers

Junior Group Exhibits
Quynh Stanoff, Thai Stanoff, and Primrose Waranimman: Garments in Flames
Grace Padgett & Arya Puar: Japanese Internment Camps

Junior Group Performance
Tara Smith, Gabriella Gallo Rodriguez, and Gabriella Flanders: From Brain Buckets to Racing Helmets: Rights and Responsibilites of Motorcycle

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