Friday, April 4, 2014

Monterey County students take part in Japanese speech contest

The 8th annual Monterey County High School Japanese Speech Contest took place Friday, March 28, at the Salinas High School auditorium.

Twenty Japanese language students at six high schools participated in the contest. In addition to presenting their speeches, those in advanced level courses held a Q&A with the judge and impromptu speech presentation, all in Japanese.

“The evening was not only students learning a new language, but it was also a cultural event. I enjoyed observing the Kendo demonstration, dancing, and singing with everybody. As a former foreign student, I know how hard it is to express your thoughts to others in a non-native language. I hope the students keep learning and become bridges between the US and Japan in the future," said Minako Kamimura, mother of a Salinas High School student.

Ms. Kamimura not only alerted us to this heartwarming event, but she also sent us this photo and great video. I highly recommend it, and it's only three minutes long. Enjoy!

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