Monday, April 21, 2014

Will MPUSD have a new superintendent by tomorrow evening?

Representatives with the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District -- including trustees and community members -- traveled last week to an undisclosed location in Southern California to vet their final candidate for the job of superintendent.  The contract he or she has been offered is up on the district's website -- minus the name -- for the public to vet. Here's a quick link to it, in case you're interested. Final approval will take place in closed session Tuesday.

There's no red flags in it, except for the amount the superintendent will be paid, but given the conversations I've heard with the consultant, they really aren't.

Trustees have been saying all along they want someone with experience, someone with a proven track record -- and that they're ready to pay the price. If the contract is approved, the new superintendent will earn $226,000 a year, including a $2,000 "doctoral stipend." Salary increases are not embedded in the four-year contract, but could be granted if also given to other employees. He or she will receive the same health benefits given to other employees, no car allowance, and no gym membership.

Board President Jon Hill told me the COSCA group gave trustees data for 17 comparable districts, where superintendents earn between $195,000 and $301,000, and that the salary they'll offer the new trustee is "below mid point."

"It’s competitive with other district and I know it’s a big number for people," he said.

See you mañana at the board meeting!

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