Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A huge casualty of budget cuts -- and an unlikely hero

It's the second time in the last few months that I cover an event I feel would be exciting for young people to attend. The first one was a national telecast of community forums with filmmaker Ken Burns at the National Steinbeck Center about the Dust Bowl. 

Organizers expected 200 students. Only about 80 showed up -- mostly from private schools.

Today I covered an event in Salinas where many students were invited from all over Monterey County. Only 14 students from Seaside High made it.

It's so sad, really, to see students missing out on great opportunities because they can't get transportation. In these day an age when extra-curricular activities seem to take such importance on college entrance exams, it's crucial to extend opportunities to students, but sadly, something's falling through the cracks.

Transportation has always been deemed an "extra," almost a luxury item, but is it really in such a widespread community?

And the unlikely hero? The district that many love to bash: MPUSD, the only one to have the means to bring the students to Salinas. 

Or did AVID students fundraise for that?

Whoever paid for the trip, kudos! These kids were amazing!

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