Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Which tests would California suspend under proposed changes?

Superintendent of California Schools Tom Torlakson proposed on Tuesday to revamp how students in K-12 get tested. Among the recommendations, he proposed all non-federally mandated tests be suspended beginning this school year. Many of us were scratching our heads: which tests would fall into that category?

Well, scratch your heads no more. Here's the list, provided by the California Department of Education. Enjoy!

Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program
Assessments That Would be Suspended During the 2013-14 School Year
(Not federally mandated or required for early assessment)

Grade-Level Assessments
Grade 2 ELA and Mathematics (CST and CAPA)
Grade 8 History–Social Science (CST)
Grade 9 ELA (CST, CMA, and CAPA)
Grade 9 Math (CAPA)
Grade 10 ELA (CST and CMA)
Grade 11 U.S. History (CST)
Grade 11 ELA (CMA and CAPA)
Grade 11 Math (CAPA)
Grade 2 - 11 Reading/Language Arts (STS)
Grade 2 – 7 Mathematics (STS)

End-of-Course Assessments
Algebra I (CST and CMA) (for grades 9-11)
Algebra II (CST) (for grades 9-10)
General Mathematics (CST) (grade 9)
High School Summative Math (CST) (for grades 9-10)
Geometry (CST and CMA) (for grades 9-11)
Integrated Mathematics 1 (CST) (for grades 9-11)
Integrated Mathematics 2 (CST) (for grades 9-11)
Integrated Mathematics 3 (CST) (for grades 9-11)
Biology (CST)
Chemistry (CST)
Earth Science (CST)
Physics (CST)
Integrated/Coordinated Science 1 (CST)
Integrated/Coordinated Science 2 (CST)
Integrated/Coordinated Science 3 (CST)
Integrated/Coordinated Science 4 (CST)
World History (CST)
Algebra I (STS)
Geometry (STS)

EAP: Early Assessment Program
ELA: English-Language Arts
CAPA: California Alternate Performance Assessment
CMA: California Modified Assessment
CST: California Standards Test
STS: Standards-based Tests in Spanish

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