Friday, January 18, 2013

Marilyn Shepherd of MPUSD to take a leave of absence

Rumors are flying about Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Marilyn Shepherd's absence from the district beginning early this the week, with some going as far as saying she was escorted out of her office on Thursday.

This is what I've learned, on the record, from Board President Curt Parker.

Shepherd has a family emergency, and she will request a leave of absence effective next week and to be in place until she retires at the end of the school year.

Shepherd had already said she was dealing with a lot of personal issues: an elderly mother, grandchildren, an illness in the family. She cited those reasons for her retirement, and now they appear to have pushed her retirement earlier.

She's still in contact with all personnel in the district, who consult with her on important matters. The board had already tried to relieve her work load last year by enlisting the assistance of three other top administrators.

Leslie Codianne, associate superintendent of student support services, will be acting superintendent at least for the time being. 

There will be more information Tuesday at a special board meeting where the board is scheduled to consider Sheperd's leave of absence, and the process to replace her.

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